RIP my RTX 3080 Ti

It broke my gpu and thats a 3070

was your FPS uncapped and all weekend it was working so at what part in the game did it brick?

I had it uncapped most of the weekend. I think I capped it to 100 or 60 yesterday. It was all fine. And today I was randomly walking around and was doing some other stuff on my pc too. When I wanted to record a bit for a friend of mine it crashed my pc. I got an audio error and straight after it froze my whole pc and I got a blue screen on my main monitor and the other two monitors just froze and looked pixely

Also have a 3080 - my game was fine all weekend (I just did dungeons and side quests, so didn’t encounter the cutscene issue) aside from a few minor stutters every so often. But today I accidentally hit play on the launcher once the beta was over (thought I was opening WoW) and my monitors instantly went black with some weird high-contrast red before my PC restarted.

Not gonna lie, am a lil scared to play more beta next weekend - though did instantly go and cap my FPS on Nvidia after this so maybe that’ll help.

I made a video of my monitors for a friend. I just checked the video again and managed to read what the blue screen was. stop code: video memory management internal

There’s a known memory leak. Blizzard hasn’t really responded with anything aside from “we’re looking into it”.

D4 has run out of RAM? - Technical Support - Diablo IV Forums (

Beta has a massive memory leak issue, using over 20GB of ram. : diablo4 (

So yeah if you’re having entire system lock ups and need to force restart your pc, I would guess that this is the issue. However, a memory leak shouldn’t “fry” a graphics card. It just causes a system error, and a force restart should be fine.

Played the game for long hours on my Gigabyte 3090 Aorus Master, even played whole Saturday night, no issues. I played maxed out 4K DLSS, didn’t felt stutters too though I think stutters are mostly related to game being too VRAM hungry and 3090 has 24 gigs of VRAM so that’s hard to fill but sorry to hear this happened to a lot of the players, certainly scary though I would advice people to check their card temps regularly. Mine has a beefy cooler and it never went above 70.

Happened to me last night; been troubleshooting all day with VGA error light on while my 3080 TI is in the machine. Fans spin on the gpu and it lights up, yet will not display anymore. Integrated graphics card displays fine, and so does my 980 ti from my old rig. Sucks; just built this two months ago and have had no issues until the final day of the beta. I played a decent amount as well up until that point.

The game uses more than 12gb vram on texture high, clearly a bug,even on 1080p, the main cause of stuttering and freezing, so was advisable using medium. Did you monitir your max fps? At 170 fps i had no problems, but going higher temps could rise significantly if there is no proper cooling especially at 4k. I played on 1080p. This game is not so heavy, and is well optmized, hogwarths legacy is much worse, it runs like shit even on low quality

Same happened to me as well but my GPU is fine rtx 3080 12gb.Im scared to play again D4 :X.

Honestly, I played at 1440p at max settings medium textures the entire beta. My GPU never got above 60c and the load was 72% load max.

Anyways hope the OP gets there card replaced, when you get the new card make sure to check your thermals, cooling and power supply. You clearly have a problem and or just had a defective card.

GTX970 and no problem at all playing the game! I was going to upgrade my graphic card but think i’m gonna stick with it for now! lol

Exactly the same for me. The rgb lights up, fans are spinning, but no display

I have a Gigabyte RTX 3080ti gaming oc 12gb card. I did not play the game but suspecting this card has a flaw or something. Mine just come back from RMA as my pc died and had white led lit on motherboard. Put in gtx 1070ti and no problems with that. So they sent it back with a note they could not find any problem with the card. I installed the card and to my surprise it booted fine. Happy days I said and carried on. But every game had low FPS and my usual VR settings struggled to keep up the FPS as well. So after monitoring temps…etc. I spotted that ONE OF THE TWO POWER INPUTS NOT PULLING PROPER WATTAGE. PCI slot was fine around 65w, power cable input 1 159w but power cable input 2 not going above 2watts. Total card power 220-230w. And most times core clock is below 1Ghz. Or only goes up to around 1600mhz if the card is lightly loaded with low graphic settings.
So I am suspecting this type of Gigabyte 3080 ti card power delivery has a flaw somewhere.

New World all over again?

So funny thing here, my ibuypower 3080ti “bricked”, but my Razer blade 14 laptop 3080 had no issues. I’d like a replacement video card please, not a refund.

Looking through this post it seems that the only card being affected is the RTX**80 (TI) line up of cards while all others are unaffected. This screams manufacturing defect. You should all be requesting an RMA if you’ve not bricked it by disabling the safety features and unsustainable overclocks.

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Gigabyte 3080 TI here, 531.26 driver, fps capped via Riva tuner + Nvidia control panel, never overclocked it. Played like 20-30 hours into beta, got one black screen + fans full power while I was afk in the dungeon I think. Card survived. Checked temperatures during next 7-8 hours after the black screen - everything was fine, max around 70 C i think. But still scared to play beta on 24 after reading all the topics.

Yes, it seems that the 3080 Ti, especially from Gigabyte, is more prone to having defects.
The technician already repaired my graphics card, in which the DrMOS had burned out. The technician replaced the damaged DrMOS and installed additional fuses for the power supply. They also replaced the thermal pads on the memory, which were in poor condition. Additionally, the technician re-soldered all the DrMOS of the power and memory phases using leaded solder.

I hope there won’t be such a problem in the open beta. I’d like to try playing as a necromancer and a druid.
I don’t want anyone to experience this. I sympathize with those who have this problem.

People didnt forget about the new world issue, but it was the same like in this case beeing a manufacturer problem.

If the GPU would work as intended it would throttle itself before getting to the point burning itself. Its not the fault of the software in such cases, even if they could prevent those bad manufactured GPUs by setting max framelimits ingame.

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