RIP my RTX 3080 Ti

I literally have a 3080 ti and my pc is fine. I would recommend looking into your PC’s cooling configuration bro. LOLOLOLOL


Finally someone who understands hardware. This software cannot override the safeties built into the drivers/card. The op is either lying or the 3080 ti the op bought was just one of many that were made terribly


why are so many people defending blizzard? lol

my 3080 ti is also dead after 2 instances of playing d4 for a couple of hours, display goes blank, pc crashes, gpu fans spin 100%.

it’s not a ‘rounding error’, it’s an issue that is happening to a lot of people.


All of these clowns on here saying it has nothing to do with the game and that it’s just statistics are misinformed; software can definitely render your hardware inoperable, and it’s happened recently with graphics card updates by AMD and Nvidia drivers on windows 11 which were causing them to brick.


I completed all the main beta content (and sidequests) with pretty much no issues, except the ocassional stutter and screen freezing, but that only happened when leaving Kyovashad for some reason. I have an RTX 2070 and play on max settings, except I use ‘Quality’ DLSS instead of preset anti-aliasing options. So I’d say this was highly unusual, and my PC is not exactly ‘new’ either.

My PC is running it fine 3080ti here. Max settings no issues.

This is exactly what happened to me just now, this is the 3rd time it has happened but the first two times the screens went black but no loud fan. Restarted pc and it was fine. 3rd time fans started blasting real loud. I have also have a Gigabyte RTX 3080 TI with a Ryzen 9 3900x. Rebooted and everything seems fine right now but afraid to open D4 again.

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It would be interesting to know witch Diver Number your using. I’m still on 528.49. Because the newes Driver update made some Games imposible to Play with it’s constant CTDs aso so i Reverdet back to this one.
Played now for over 6H without Issues, setings are mostly Maxed out on 4k with exeptions for Textures (Medium) and Shadows on High and Windowd Screen to monitor my Heat aso.

Card and system never got hotter then 62-65°c (143/5°f)
FPS are Locked at 60 ingame and Globaly on my system. (Don’t need more, my TV could not handel more even if i wanted too)

Still hope this will get fixed for everyone so we don’t have to Worry for the Final Releas.

Samething happened to me yesterday. Twice in 15 minutes. All 3 screen went black and gpu fans were turning full blast. Immediately turned pc off and rebooted. No problems booting. Temps never got over 54c so its not a cooling issue.

Intel 12900k & gigabyte rtx 3080ti

Edit: The driver I was using was 531.29

my RTX 3080Ti also burned, black screen during cutscene, fans on maximum. I restarted the computer but the monitor was no longer connected to the card

The people saying D4 can’t be bricking cards are retarded


create a custom fan curve and cap the fps to 60.

Like i said, tell us the Driver Number too pls. It’s entierly Possible that the newest driver could somehow be a importend factor in this.

And for everyone who sayes "Just do this and this and this, to avoid this… your right and yes you should do this atm but you shoulden’t need to if the Game developer, Driver Manufactor and Card Manufactor would do there jobs right. Hows more a fault for this is debatable and not posible to desiver for us atm but it’s defenetly something that has to be acknowledge by Blizzard. I can imagen that Blizzard itself is at a los atm with this and don’t know how or why this is even happening.

It also killed my PNY RTX 3080. After playing for a couple hours, screen went black and i couldnt do anything but hard reset. Restarted the game and it happened again after a few minutes. Then i started getting black screen without the game running, just while using Windows. No OC enabled or anything. I did a clean driver reinstall and it was still happening after a couple minutes of booting up. I left the pc alone and went to sleep thinking it’s toast. Today i opened it up and checked all connections just in case. I also plugged in my monitor cable to a different dp port. So far it has been running for hours without issues. Fingers crossed it stays that way. I also played about 30 mins of D4 with lower settings and it was fine. After seeing this thread and a few other reports on reddit I will not be loading this beta again until we know more. This could be an issue which affects 3080 and 3080ti cards just like New World bug fried evga cards.

Im running an FE 3090 and wife has an ASUS 3080 and we haven’t had any issues outside of bugs. The wife says the game is “running her GPU hot” but I dont know how hot exactly and it hasn’t lead to any crashes or dead parts.

I played the beta for about 7 hours today. Login went smooth, never got kicked. There was some very noticeable server lag, but it’s beta, I completely understand. My rtx3080 never went above 50c. The world boss spawned and kicked my ass more than once, ran through several dungeons and now I’m at lvl 21. I don’t know if I’m lucky or if I’m part of a silent majority. Friday night was a completely different story. Even with that, I am having a blast with this game I’ve waited so long for.

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Drivers are different than a game.

Might want to learn how hardware works before you say that.

I got a 3080 ti and no problems feels bad man

luckily my Asus TUF RTX 4080 works fine :slight_smile: