RIP my RTX 3080 Ti

Yesterday played for Hours great and then the q’s went away and my RTX 3080 started stuttering after every few minutes. Its insane now.

Send it in for rma and gigabyte will give a replacement. I had the same issue and my gpu was the gigabyte eagle 3080ti 12gb. My whole pc crashed and once I turned it back on there weren’t any display signal, the gpu itself still turns on though lights and fans working but no display. I’ve opened the gpu apart changing the pads and paste and didn’t expect for gigabyte to approve the rma but magically they did. They sent me a replacement which was a 3090, so it could be that their 3080ti models has some major issue to a point where they’ll immediately send out replacements.

3080ti here, black screen and fans full blast. Happened twice. It was only the video card as I could still talk to friends in Discord. Hard reboot and it came back up. Luckily didn’t burn mine. However, leery of playing again.

The 30XX serie has been notorious for all kind of malfunctions, it is quite silly to blame a developing studio for the failure of a graphic card.


Sounds like a hardware issue not the game, because I’ve definitely already put in 15+ hours in Diablo 4 with my pitiful little 1660 at max settings no problem

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RIP 3080 LMAO my 1050 ti is running fine. Lvl 25 beat Ashava

This thread is absolutely hilarious. To think a game can override the firmware locked limits of your graphics card. LMAO

Good troll boys

there are over 50 reports so far with 3080ti cards frying while playing this game. you can think whatever you can, but yes, a game can override a firmware if a hacking is done behind scenes for some stuff.


Running on a 1060 with no sweat

Ti or normal 3080? And what Brand? Thats importend to know for data gathering.

Gigabyte Aorus Master Rtx 3080 here. No problems so far. played for around 10-12 hours i think. Only thing I saw was stuttering because of 100% vram usage, turning down texture details to medium helped a lot, everything else on ultra at 1440p with 144fps limit. Temperature was around 70c most of the time.

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guys, a game can not burn a GPU even if the developers try intentionally to do that. e.g. benchmark tools stress GPU at maximum…
if you have issues with your GPU cooling(not cleaned of dust since long time…) then might be to have issues like that but is not the game fault.

recomandation: using MSI Afterburner you can set a maximum GPU temperature, I set for my 1060 6GB max 70degrees so never go above, MSI afterburner automatically underclock it when this would happen.


:joy: what is this the new New World? Killing RTX3000 cards all over again.
Seems like there is a bigger problem with 3000s than we thought. These cards seem to run on the edge, i ´m glad i swapped my 3090 for 4090. wattage spikes with 3000 was insane.
For 3000 users is would suggest undervolting your card and capping fps on singleplayer games.

Hi All,

So i have had to retype this so many times and i dont want to feed the internet trolls. There is a issue here users with 3080Ti cards are dying from this game me and a friend both have same cards and both are now dead from the same game.

If you do not have the issue that is great then this thread is not for you we don’t need a argument we are trying to put information out so others are aware of the issue and do not have to go through this.

Seems to be a gigabyte issue from what i can see and I super hope that Blizzard actually reads this acknowledges it and gets back to users who got this issue. Man up own your issues as a business.

This does not need to start a issue of negative backlash but we need feedback on this. I have tested my card in 2 other systems and its 100% dead. The card never went over 72 degrees when playing the game and i have a decent power supply and system. I have had this card 5 months. I play way more demanding title games from a GFX point of view and the card is perfect. The game introduced a issue that lead to this and needs to be address.

As a long time Diablo\Blizzard support this needs to be addressed and users need to have health feedback on a way forwards and how we can get our cards replaced.



Funny too see all these comments i got a 1050ti XD and my pc did not crash only 2 or 3 character logout and i was able to do the world twice with no lag spike

There are many reports about this problem this is not a trolling attempt from one person. I remember one of the case when my old GPU started to dying. I did not get errors and BSOD only from one game but I had crashes even while I was playing with Wow or just reading news.

A very strange and terrifying issue happened with my PC yesterday I never experienced anything like this before. And my config is very stable I don’t have any problems with other games. I was playing with other games for hours without any issue after the D4 crash yesterday.

This has got nothing to do with the game. You guys need to use after burner and monitor the speed and temps of your cards. I played it on my 3080.(palit) I have it undervolted with custom fan curve. Never crashed. Ran butter smooth.

Games like these show you the stability of your build.

First I heard about a card burning up but the game definitely is not optimized… suffers from major memory leak issues. I had to crank up my page file memory to keep it from crashing and I have a 2080 ti with 32gb of RAM.

I don’t get why people are fanboying so hard for Blizzard as to ignore the obvious - there’s just too many reports for it to not be a factor, and it’s very specific - Gigabyte 3080TI is hit the hardest, but it can hit 3080TI’s in general.

etc. etc. etc.

It’s a technical support forum; if there’s an issue with what the game is doing on certain hardware, then it needs reporting and fixing. It’s not a knock on the game; stop being weirdly offended about a product. If it works for you, great. But don’t bury your head in the sand and pretend literally hundreds of reports on one specific issue doesn’t exist because you personally just don’t want it to exist.


Im running 3060 ti played 6-7 hrs no problem