Rubberbanding and lag, PS5, unplayable!

You designed a great game. Alas, I purchased early access and it is impossible to play this game. I have a 100mbit internet connection, never had problems with other online games on PS5. However, this game males me teleport all around the map. I keep dying from nowhere due to the server catching up. The last patch did nothing to fix this. I have turned off cross play and checked my internet connection. It is still not working. I have seen a lot of posts on this. I am sure you are aware of the problem.


Just died because of this - ans in a solo fight against bosses. Suddenly I was surrounded by minions and couldn’t so anything. Rubberbanded around and them I was dead. Couldn’t even use rush outside of dungeon and saw others rubberband around… Would never had happened with a sp game.

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The game is unplayable for like 24h. I hope Blizzard, get its *** together. Tomorrow there is a big launch.

the game is lagging like hell, it is unplayable :frowning:

Since the last update the rubberbanding and lagging is so severe that the game is nearly unplayable. It doesn’t matter if I play solo or with friends. Please fix this.