Seasonal headstones missing from paid season pass

Paid season pass headstones are missing, seems to be an issue on PC and ps5.


Just filed a ticket about the issue today.

Same problem. All tombstone skins are gone. For all three seasons

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same problem at my account…wtf
I mean if you work for the things ingame and the achievement/stuff/skins that you get for it dissappear, that is more than frustrating.
although your ticket-reply sounds kind of very nice. support center from a country where employees don’t understand the problem, because they don’t really speak english or so ?
I don’t whine normally about D4 and blizz but sooner or later it all adds up and gets kind of really annoying.

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I’m also having this issue. I claimed them and they’re not appearing

I just checked mine, they are gone too…

Same issue, all the tombstones gone and only the ones bought through the shop are appearing

Same issue, only on PC.
No headstone cosmetics available, from all three seasons.

Same. All my headstones gone RIP.

Same for me on xbox, i just unlocked the soul momentum headstone but its not showing up in my wardrobe

Yes me too, the game is saying that I ought to have 13 gravestones. Yet none appear. Xbox X

same here. using an XBox

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