[SOLVED] PS4 constant game crash on the very first village

I have just installed the game on PS4. Version
Very first location in the forest is the only part I can play. When I pass the gate to the village it crashes with report " The data for the following application is corrupted, reinstall the application".
I have reinstalled it several times, powered off the console, rebuilt PS Database from safe mode. Nothing helps.
Game allows me to kill several wolfes and crashes, sometimes with a freeze, when I reach the gates.
Tried different characters, seasonal/non-seasonal. Different translations. No luck.
Never seen such behaviour from a game before.
Version from PS dashboard: 1.33
Version in left bottom corner:

PS4 quick initialization helped. At least I can get through the gate.
Select (Settings) > [Initialisation] > [Initialise PS4],
Hope it’s final.

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