Trophies are locked

I recently changed from a PS4 to PS5. Playing in the PS5, i can’t get throphies that i have already in ps4 (except map and a few more that pops up automatically). This got me unable to complete the trophy set (get the platinum).
I got new throphies in the ps5 as well, meaning that i would never be able to platinum it until this is fixed.

I don’t have problems in doing them again. I already did the required tasks for a few of those (like upgrade items, characthers kills). But it never unlocks it anymore.


I have the same issue. I created new necromancer character on PS5 to confirm this, once trophy has been unlocked on PS4 is blocked on PS5 forever.

New trophies work fine.

We would appreciate fixing this as it seems like an small issue (game is aware which trophy is new and which is old, so just trivial logic change) but extremally annoying for console players.

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Is there any chance that the technical support will fix this problem?

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There is a thread with 130 posts on this issue(North america, but problem is everywhere) . Every update people complain on it not being resolved. Again, plenty of people there is clearly good with grinding for the throphies. The solution there was disconnect the psn/ account, create a new account and then get the throphy on the new account. I am not intending to try that and risk locking my account or not being able to use my current account in future.

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