What you did to the barbarian is an outrage

Since I cannot return the money for this “masterpiece,” I will write here.
Make a normal barbarian with ONE type of weapon, and not this idiocy with a million different weapons.
Or introduce a new class that will allow you to use only one two-handed weapon. Until then, the game goes into the trash. I’ve never played POE, but I’d rather go and play there

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I like the arsenal system. If you want your barb to use only 1 weapon type, you can set all your skills to use your weapon of choice (except for skills that require a specific weapon like HOTA).

Or give the option to make the other weapons Invisible in the Wardrobe.

Imo the arsenal system is great. You can change your abilities to use the one same weapon, its all up to you. Why whine about this when barbarian is the strongest character to play?
What they need to do is nerf the fudge down barbarian, necro, druid and rogue. Boost the fudge up sorcerers back up and make sorcerers the way that they are not forced to use 4x defensive abilities to survive even the weakest content.
What they need to do is make the gearing up easier because no casual player ever ends up hitting lvl 100 and get good enough gear to beat uber bosses.
What they need to do is stop bootlicking the corporate heads and make the game good.