Why all sorcerer's clothes and transmogs look so ugly?

I’m not going to rant how garbage non-BL sorcerer class is rn, there’s enough on that already.

Instead i wanted to complain how all sorcerer’s clothes look like Detroit hobo outfit, including the ones you can buy in the shop and get via battle pass. All other classes get spikes and skulls and burning effects and all kinds of cool stuff, but what do we get? A fkn ushanka (Fur-Lined Bork) and a gypsy fortune-teller (Russet Veld Enchanter)? There’s literally just one staff that doesn’t look like a retirement home walking stick and one armour suit that has a cloak that looks like a cloak and not some bloody rags that sorcerer’s mom uses to swipe the floor in their house. And the skirts, omfg, the freaking skirts make my eyes bleed. If you wanted to put pants on, there’s just one tansmog for that, all the rest are women’s skirts from the French court of XVII century.

Like ffs, i’m a firemage with occult symbols tattoed with blood all over his skin who burns everything he sees on the spot, how come i can only choose to look like a peasant from the starting location?

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I don’t fully agree. At least the shop outfits look pretty nice to me, but we know the exorbitant price tags…

But I do have to admit that the normal transmog options all look very homogenized and are rather fugly - plus I find the dye options also lacking. The same goes for barbarian actually. Then again, most likely the strategy to push the shop armours.

For the sorceress looks like a Russian sports woman, ready to complete her gender change :slight_smile:

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