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FAQ: Ranked Mode Overhaul Matchmaking

Hey everyone! We put together a general matchmaking FAQ here for our new ranked system to help answer questions you may have. For general description of this new system, please refer to our Year of the Phoenix blog. If…

3 April 3, 2020
Mage Pack Bundle & Ashes of Outland

For anyone who purchased the Mage Pack Bundle that was available a short time ago, be aware that due to a technical limitation, Ashes of Outland cards will not be available within these packs until April 10, 2020. If you…

3 March 27, 2020
A Few Notes on the Returning Player Experience

As our new Returning Player Experience went live along with the 17.0 update, we’ve found a few places where we think we can clarify the process and what you can expect. To expand upon the eligible time period, we’ve def…

3 March 27, 2020
The Ultimate Forum Guide (Codes, Trust Levels, FAQ)

To all heroes of Azeroth, Sanctuary, Aiur, the Nexus and future Earth! Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Pachimari, one of many Customer Service MVPs in Europe. :wave: If you’re reading this, it means that the for…

9 August 23, 2019
Forum Guidelines - Please Read

Welcome to the Hearthstone General Discussion forums! Before you begin posting we’d like you to understand a few things about how to post here, what’s appropriate to post, as well as how to best use these forums. Please…

2 February 25, 2019
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