25.2.2 Patch Notes

25.2.2 Patch Notes

Patch 25.2.2 includes balance changes to Standard, Battlegrounds, and Duels!

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All good in this patch,but you ruined now completly Demon Hunter quest from 4 cards draw to 6 it is insane,it would be okay that it was went to draw 5 cards to complete quest, but 6 is insane ruined Demon Hunter quest completly.
I dont know why i spend so much money on this game to complete decks if you will nerf card and make it unplayable in most off my Demon Hunter decks.
This is last time i spend a cent on this game.

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this iz the sikest patch since hearthstone launhed. glad to see blizz iz playing attention to the average playa. safe blizzard.

You managed to kill Paladin, gj… I have worked for Diamond 5 by hard work… I could reach it with own created Paladin decks for many-many months since returned about 2 years ago… this month… I won’t get it…First you nerfed max 40 HP to 35 while DK still can get more than 60 HP… Secondly buffed DK to motivate ppl use it… You managed to kill it by Astalor, Death Knight, time cheater Priests and Schockspitter hunter I am just sick of this game… Ty for ruined the game for me and all the 40 card deck players. You have created these mechanics… DEAL WITH them or remove it from the game… it is that simple… I trusted in wrong tactic again for too long until realized it won’t reach D5 anymore because you managed to ruin it… ty vm…

It sucks that it’s ruined your deck but the one thing I will say is that nerfing a legendary 2 months before it leaves standard is not a move done out of greed. I happened to have a golden copy, which whilst it’ll be missed, is now 3200 extra dust that I wouldn’t have had for the start of the new year, which I’m sure the money men aren’t particularly thrilled about :smile:

The Demon Hunter quest is probably unplayable right now, but if you do spend money on the game, you should have most of the cards anyway. One nerfed card shouldn’t make a difference.

Why i spend money in game on cards skins pass etc to enjoy that class and its decks or game,not to force me to play other classes,i do have other decks of other classes but that is not point, but class that i love to play to enjoy it most,that card is not nerfed it is killed,and with it many Demon Hunter decks based on quest card.
So in my case it makes big difference.

I guess my point was more about asking if you play a lot of wild? If not then the nerf isn’t that big a deal because you couldn’t use the card in 2 months anyway.

In fact you spend money on HS skins and cards because you are mentally ill and like receiving sh@t for your money. It’s not wrong, it’s your money, but you are still mentally ill, considering the fact that no normal human being would want to waste the time to produce money and spend it on garbage.

The only thing good about HS is the forums…it’s like watching the circus but without paying anything.

You would be surprised what average people spend on, some of the most useless things can in fact have value to someone. Also calling someone mentally ill isn’t a good look for you, mate.

Yes i do play wild and standard,but i like quest decks Demon hunter so fun to play and now unplayable.

Maybe its useless and maybe people want to enjoy it much as they can and like it from class its decks skin for that class etc.
Let him write what ever he want it is his opinion i am to old to argue about peoples different opinions.

It’s not an opinion, it’s the hard truth you need to realize…Guess that in your infinite elder wisdom you do not see that…It does make sense though, usually elder people are the first to be taken by mental illness…So this actually proves my point.

Just do what I’ve done and set them too auto-ignore.

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The reason this game still exists is because people spend money on it.

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Don’t call them “people”…they will start asking for food after.

You’re a fountain of cheer, as usual.

It’s your fourth reincarnation, or something. If you changed your moniker at least, we could be in for some fun guesswork. Until your next “dumpster on fire” comment, that is