6 Mana now? How is that a nerf?!

So… how is nerfing the Warlock card just adding a extra 2 mana cost? Especially when the return to hand cards are 2-3 mana to play, is blizzard actually that dense? Or are they trolling the community? Cause this is rubbish. If you’re gonna nerf it, ATLEAST let us be able to heal back the health they take… even the community knows how to make cards fair and you’re meant to be a company?

Load of kids playing with computers more like.

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This nerf is not the final version… They can adjust only stats of a card as a server side patch. They need to create a new cilent patch to make it changed. However they could set it to 8 mana until the fix arrives… :roll_eyes:

I think they will just make it deal lifesteal damage, maybe even keep the adding HP to themselves to make it better, but ignoring all armor and just killing someone from full HP is definitely not good. As armor warrior I died from like 40 armor in 3 sucks, and I even Theotar’ed the first one out of their hands.
and I’ll be totally honest I’d rather lose to a player plaaying regular decks than to play against the zerg-down rush bot decks (pirate rogue, even shaman, shadow pirate priest or token buff druid)
Though I realized that some of these bots get bugged out, and keep not playing a single card any turn, if you play the 1-3 mage minion that selescts a spell and if enemy guesses it they get a copy.

this is ridiculous and so sad to nerf warlock and nerf ( the Azerite Snake) this is bad bad baddddddddddddd, if u see this all deck u will not to nerf warolck sees paladin play fast and we r die fast and druid and demon hunter and death knight growth health and some deck play plagues and we can"t to play cuz toxic 3 seasen u nerf warlock and all player play agro and kill us fast this is bad There is no justice. I hate your game and I am waiting for the new season and I pay to get excited and then I am surprised by an unjustified and illogical weakness.

They do not see the dirty players who care about winning playing in quick ways so that they die in the sixth round. Likewise, there is no planning or even thinking, they just play quickly if you do not have any card to clear the arena, or you will lose

Why did they give us if the snake card that is important to obtain has been weakened? I swear to God, they are so unfair. I play with the old decks better. I paid money for all the cards to get all the cards, but I love Warlock my personality, but they destroyed me. i do not want to play any class, all the calss i have cards but i do not want to play it.

First, this is a temporary nerf until the next patch release when they’ll make a different kind of change. Second, by increasing it’s cost to 6 it can’t be played twice on the same turn. And third, you should be embarrassed by the sniveling tone of your post.