Activate the obelisk and convincing infiltrator

Does anyone think these 2 cards are fair and balanced in wild? Activate the obelisk isn’t a difficult quest to complete and the fact that it gives a minion +3/+3 AND heals it for 3 makes it a powerful hero power that in itself can win games. Imagine it as a card. 2 mana heal for 3 and if it’s a minion give it +3/+3. That would be a pretty powerful card by itself except in reality it’s a hero power that can be used every turn. Its value cannot be beat and since it’s a priest holding it it cannot be burst down.

Convincing infiltrator is a 5 mana 2/6 taunt with deathrattle: destroy a random enemy minion. We have seen a 4 mana 2/6 taunt exist and it was a bit underwhelming but for just 1 more mana this gets a deathrattle worth about 3 mana. Come on, at least make it a 2/5 minion. It’s already a huge cost just to deal with it in game because of its effect, it doesn’t need to be annoying to destroy as well. Also because of the cards available to priest it can easily be ressed making it impossible to build up a board as a win condition.

There might be a way to deal with these by themselves but when it’s together alongside all the other cards priest can use, it’s way too oppressive for wild. You shouldn’t need to be forced to play aggro just to deal with a popular deck. You shouldn’t need to be forced to play from a small selection of decks just so you can win against one deck type. I’m fine with using a tech to pollute the priests rez pool but it’s not enough and not consistent enough to help with this problem.
Thanks for your time

Never have a problem with the quest. Either I kill them before they get going if I’m playing an aggro deck or my deck is way greedier than they can handle, so I slow the game down to a crawl, stopping them from healing, leaving them with a handful of dead cards, whilst I amass whatever stupid late game mess I’m running.

Convincing infiltrator is OP and is very annoying, especially because of all the rez effects. I’m looking forward to teching in the new shaman/mage card, just to counter them (I’m already running double infectious sporeling in a lot of my decks :smile:)

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Infectious sporeling you say? Now that sounds like quite a fun way to deal with this problem! Thanks for weighing in on this discussion

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Gets my vote as most slept on card from last expansion, as it’s just a solid anti-aggro tool, requires skill to use (have to be careful as you obviously give your opponent the sporeling so it can back-fire horribly) and obviously messes with rez. I will say it’s been at it’s best in my tempo odd demon hunter (booo! I know, literally play it for 10ish games a month to get my win streak stars out of the way so I’m free to mess around) simply because being able to kill the sporeling you give them with the hero power is so good.