Additional Details on Signature Cards

Hello everyone,

After all of the new info we shared in our Expansion Announcement Stream, there are a few clarifications we wanted to share regarding Signature Cards:

  • There are 18 Signature cards launching with March of the Lich King (15 of which are Legendaries). The 3 non-legendaries are free, from a launch event. 2 are on the Tavern Pass. The remaining 13 are random drops from bundles/packs.
  • With March of the Lich King packs, Standard packs, and Class packs, Signature cards drop at the same rate as Golden Legendary cards, and are purely in addition to all other drops (other than replacing a Normal Common). As a result, the total legendary drop rate in these packs is slightly higher.
  • In March of the Lich King, Golden Packs have been upgraded to Signature Golden Packs. While these are essentially the same as Golden Packs, they’ll also drop Signatures at triple the Golden Legendary rate, in addition to all other drops (apart from replacing a Golden Common). This means the Legendary drop rate is effectively quadrupled in Signature Golden Packs, to a total (Golden+Signature) of 1 per 5 packs on average.
  • We knew many players would want to get the Signature quality of a card that they already own, so we handle duplicate protection in reverse. They can drop, but when they do, you’ll get a popup that asks if you’d like to reroll your existing normal/golden copy for free. Say yes, and it rerolls to a different card of the same set, rarity, and quality.