He android app is keep sending me to the browser to log in and it repeats. Doesn’t log in and does not give any error. My browser logs in to my account normally when i do it separately. Before the update the log in didn’t require browser opening. Something is wrong. :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: If the solution will not be produced, return our purchases…
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Heya NoPaNiC,

Are you able to link your google play and use this to log in? It sounds like you may have the same issue reported in this thread.

I tried, when I log in outside the game, when I enter the game, the “eu.battle.net” page it redirects to loops again. The application does not accept. There is no problem on PC. The problem is with the phones. Connecting goggle play did not work. Our time and effort? :thinking:

I have try many and many manipulation to try to login but nothing to do that, that always ask for login to play, google, facebook and the battlenet same, when the game ask for login we click on it and the popup of the browser show up, when you have put your login informations of battlenet, sometime he send us back to the game but the game have restarting itself when we was on the browser for the login, and more sometime the login of battlenet is looping on the popup for log.

I hope that will seriously be fixed because is annoying, im losing points for get levels. That was better when the login was in the game directly, why put the login outside the game.

Please do something.

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Except it doesn’t work, but I understand that there must be better or more technical cc clerks and worse ones. The issue is somewhere else… Probably kernel or os support… (I tried every suggested solution in the forums) - plus clean installs and cache clears with device restarts in between… Even WiFi restarts… 48gb download deep in the issue. I just gave up after a day… OK, I’m kinda 3 days in the issue but atm it’s more like trying to help you guys. Last year we had similar problems in year change, I know exactly because I started another game because of that.

  • I worked client care at IBM. Mainly IOT and end device support for apple and android. I kno a fugg up when I see one…

But the easy way, is just to put back the old system login, i don’t they change this, the old system login worked perfectly on mobile low perf and now this login don’t work on some mobile with high perf.

And that make people angry and they don’t do something to fix this.

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Same problem not work