Disconnection and can't go back ingame anymore


Uhm…thats pretty embarassing Blizzard…
For a content that has been advertised and hyped for months,the freeze bugs,Electra Stormsurge not working properly vs bosses or their minions,now the disconnection problem.And its not just that,its that the game stucks in an ENDLESS loop when you try to re-launch saying it tries to reconnect to the game…
Simply disappointed…https:// imgur. com /Y1eJj6Z


I also have this problem, it’s incredibly annoying… And I’ve tried deleting the cache and reinstalling the game, but nothing.



Try connecting to a different region first, and see if that works out. If that works, connect to your main region again afterwards and see if you can login normally again.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!