ERROR BLZBNTAGT00000907 does not allow to enter Hearthstone!


How can you constantly force the game client to download this unnecessary updates? You should NEVER infringe on the integrity of client. There should NEVER be any updates. NEVER! Solve your problems within yourself, but NEVER start updates on client. NO UPDATES! You should not have access to either games or battle net. I just launch them or close with ONE button, and that’s it. Remove and destroy battle net FOREVER. I need only icon without launcher. NO LAUNCHER! Just forget about controlling your game. We DONT need this.
I got an error, where battle net ASK (ASSSSK MEEEE!!!) to show path to game! This error is cycled and updates is not start! I CANT even DELETE battle net! STOP this! NO QUESTION! NO ASKING about path or else.

There is also error BLZBNTAGT000008FC if i start to install HS:


how do you get new expansions into the game when there are no updates?


Same here. Looks like the game is not installed. Played this morning with the newest update -.-


it is nox expansion. it is cycled error.


i got not installed

also got it at Heros of the Storm

Overwatch would work tough …

Probably no reason to panic … will work again soon i asume


The problem is wider and reported also on other Blizzard games forums. You have to wait for the repair. You can try to run the game directly from the directory where it is installed - it should work


Oh thank you so much for awareness. No it is impossible to run game from directory where it is installed - it is not work! I got so unlucky day, than even HS let me down.


Yeah, you’re right. Starting the game directly from the installation directory was only possible with Starcraft 2 and Heroes of The Storm. Unfortunately HS doesn’t work this way. Unfortunately we have to wait for the repair.


maybe it is not your fault. Maybe whole world decided to bring me personally crazy today.


Whatever the reason, you have to be patient anyway :wink:


well i highly doubt that …

the whole world doesnt care enough about you (or anyone else) to do that :smiley:

thx for the headsup raxr


The Pain Harold like your comment


For a little while I thought that my comp was having a stroke again… Fingers crossed that it’ll get fixed shortly :slight_smile:

Also, 'twas my last hour of time to play! MEH! World ain’t fair sometimes…



6 hours for solvation this proble is quite fast.
it would be better if such problems could be avoided before it happend.


I got the exact same issue… So I went to play Diablo 3 instead, just for the lulz, but i’m met with the login-screen in D3 and if I try to login it gives me a Server Issue… So I guess it’s not just Hearthstone, but blizzard server client… It’s been quite a few hours by now, which is unlike blizzard normally, so I guess they have some real issues. Hope for a GM to reply.


Apparently it works on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S10+)

I tried restarting my computer, yet the issue persists.


Same here, the problem persists.

EDIT: Deleting the BNet cache fixed it for me. Here is the article:


this helped me as well to solve the problem!


Thanks a lot, this fixed the issue!


This also worked for me. Thank you so much. =)