❌ [Event] Tournament + Twitch drops

On Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of December, tune in to watch an epic challenge between 8 champions in a friendly tournament (Standard) hosted by the Solary group.

@G2Thijs | @HunteraceHS | @xBlyzesHS | @gabyHS59 | @BabyBearHS | @FenoHS | | @BabyBearHS | @JambreHS |A Solary team player (@OdemianHS)

The tournament will be streamed on SolaryHS channel (:fr:) and re-cast by:
:uk: @G2Thijs
:de: @iamthanh_hs
:es: @FeelinkHS

:fire: Twitch drops :fire:
Day 1: Saturday December 10th; starts at 2:00 PM GMT & ends at 7:00 PM GMT
Day 2: Sunday December 11th; starts at 2:00 PM GMT & ends at 7:00 PM GMT

Participating channels:

SolaryHS | Thijs | iamThanh | Feelink

Decks in use: tinyurl.com/c98kwmvx

Wold have been nice if this were announced by the HS main CS twitter, a lot of people missed out on this bc of the lack of an announcement.

Customer Support channels do not provide information on such events, Leshrac, but I’ll see to get these even more visbility next time, thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile:

This said, day 2 is already ON - hope in and get the drops!

:fire: Still hot: The Most Interesting Decks from Solary Invitational - courtesy of Old Guardian - if you like the video, consider giving this creator a like and leaving a comment. :slight_smile:

Long live the King - Thijs! :crown:

Thanks to the thousands of fans that tuned in, participated in the mini games, and shared their feedback and their takes on the decks (and on the blankets).

I’m looking forward to more of these events in 2023!