[Fireside Gathering] Hearthstone Gathering Tilburg, The Netherlands: May 2019

Greetings, Traveller.

We from the Tilburg Student Esports Association Link in Tilburg, The Netherlands would like to invite everyone able to make it to Tilburg this Saturday to our Fireside Gathering. During the Fireside Gathering, you will be able to test your newest RoS decks against others in a standard single-elimination tournament with awesome prizes the players blessed by RNGesus! For those of you that are never lucky, or not that into competitive there will be the opportunity to just relax and play some casual games with other participants.

We will produce a stream you can follow on-site the whole event, provide a great location to hang out and speak to your fellow travellers and of course discuss the newest decks. The event will start at 12:00 am and end around 19:00 pm. The location is in the city-centre of Tilburg on a walking distance from central station. (Lange Nieuwstraat 172, 5041 DJ Tilburg)

Register at tsea.link/fireside

Not to be a party pooper or anything, but you do know that’s illegal with the current Corona regulations right?

Doubt the OP needed to take that into consideration 11 months ago…