Great Catch'up Packs Initiative!

Hello everyone!

Firstly, THANK YOU Hearthstone designers for creating the Catch’up Packs! I’ve just opened my 7 free packs with a total of 104 cards, which I would never had hoped to get otherwise. And what’s more, including a totally awesome legendary “MAD” card from Nathria! What I really mean to say is that it is important to thank this kind of initiative no matter the cards we receive.

Secondly, as a minor statement, I was just a bit surprised that among all those cards I found none of them were of an epic rarity. I don’t really know how this works, but it just surprised me. Nonetheless, I don’t care at all about this particular matter since, as I said before, I thank again for all the cards received this way no matter which they were.

Thirdly, I really hope this Catch’up Initiative will be seen again in the future!

Thanks again for the game and I hope everyone is enjoying it!

(As for my context as HS player I played in the time of Old Golds and Gadgetzan, then left, and came back recently with the Festival of Legends. I must admit I miss a little bit the fun in Adventures such as the memorable Kel’thuzad quotes and jokes, but I find the new mini-set initiative very nice too!)

They are a great addition for sure, especially for encouraging BG players to get back into Standard (it worked on me!). The only criticism is that they serve no benefit to players who already have completed sets because they spent money on the game. Seems a little unfair. Here’s couple of suggestions for improving on this:

  1. Increased chance for higher rarity cards from Catch Up packs if you already have 75% of the set.

  2. Increased chance for golden cards from Catch Up packs if you already have 75% of the set.

  3. Duplicate protection across sets. Someone might have 75% of Titans and 99% of Festival, and it would be nice if Catch Up packs helped them get Titans caught up instead of frequently giving duplicates of Festival rares and epics.