Hearthstone class master

Hello hearthstone community,

Greetings from Greece! I love hearthstone, I play my own decks and I consider myself to be an average player. A regular every day rank 10… bum :stuck_out_tongue:

Just for the joy of it, for about six months now, I’ve been working on a new championship, one that follows its own character and rules of play, so it might feel a bit awkward for everyone who’s used to the mainstream championships.

This is my first effort to open my work to the public. Please feel free to visit my facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/hearthstoneclassmaster), read the updates and if you’re up to it, I would be more than happy to read your sincere thoughts and constructive criticism under each post! If you do decide to click the link and step by, please start your reading from the pinned post and then go down all the way to the very first post and take it from there. After your reading, if you feel like it, please click the subscribe tab under the header of the page on the right corner and fill in that form! It will help me a lot!

I’ve recently contacted Blizzard-Hearthstone and let them know of my work as I would love to run this as a hearthstone event and because of its different character I wanted to check with them first.

I do this out of joy and I want nothing more than to see you guys (players) have a great time competing in this championship. There is nothing else to gain for me than your smiling faces and some creative hours in front of my computer in order to bring this concept to reality.

Wanna join in and do this together? Welcome aboard!

Before I close this, please keep in mind that there are several vital details that haven’t been posted yet in my page and this is a project in a very early stage and still in the works.

Thank you all
peace, love, empathy