Hearthstone on Google Pixel 3a


So I just got a new phone today Google Pixel 3a. Excited to upgrade after 2 years of my Samsung S8, i downloaded hearthstone to enjoy it running much smoother…

How wrong i was, it runs VERY badly, like feels like less than 5fps bad?

On my Samsung S8 it ran ‘good’ but not perfect. On my girlfriends Iphone 7 it runs very smooth, almost seems 60fps.

So expecting a phone thats 2 years newer than my old S8 and her S7 to run better I thought would just be a given…

Ive tried the basics like reinstalling the app, restarting phone, and trying whilst charger is plugged in. I also downloaded PubG Mobile purely just to try a graphically intensive game to make sure its not the phone itself, but that runs solidly smooth throughout, and you would have to argue the graphics there are much better…?

Any advice or anybody with the same phone have some kind of cure? its honestly borderline unplayable.



100 Percent seeing the exact same thing on my 3a. It even made the app completely freeze and crash.

Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated!


Same here. Runs very poorly on my 3a.


I wonder if that’s why it isn’t technically supported on the play store for the 3a. Just got the phone and wanted to see how it runs HS, but don’t want to have to side-load it.

I’ll just wait for proper support, which I hope should come soon.


Ahh man… I just purchased the 3a and HS is the only game I play on mobile… Is there really no work around for this issue?


I’ve still had no luck with this issue. I can only assume and hope this is just some kind of driver update possibly within HS which blizzard may update soon. I can’t see any other reason for it, I’ve played multiple games now on the phone to test and every single one runs perfect and smooth barring hearthstone. It’s a blizzard issue, but I know blizzard well enough to know they’ll deny it…


Seeing the same thing on my phone. HS runs fine on my Pixel 2, and even on my older Nexus 5X, but it’s extremely choppy on the 3a.


Ditto for me. I’ve tried adding in the framerate line in the options.txt file but it didn’t work.


Yeah the framerate increase line unfortunately wont work. That just increases the max FPS allowed on phones where they easily push out the 30fps cap. Unfortunately we’re barely getting 10fps on our Pixel 3a’s… I just cant beleive this is purely because its a ‘cheaper’ phone. Hearthstone graphics aren’t THAT good, and like i said runs other games perfectly…

Maybe if enough people post and agree the issue is there on here we may get a blizzard response with a cure or for them to update the game properly.

Its just really infuriates me that if you google ‘hearthstone mobile settings’ there are literaly 100s of posts accross multiple forum platforms including the hearthstone official forums of people asking blizzard to include a settings option for mobile, But they just refuse to give. It would be so much better if it gave people the option to run it at lower resolution, or fewer animations etc. I personally would always choose to play smoother/more fps than choppy but detailed.


Same here
I’ve tried everything ( ex: turn off wifi, turn off health monitoring…) but it still very lag.


BUMP. Still no respone by blizzard… Just an FYI to all

I still have my old Samsung S8,

I have downloaded 5+ games on both my 2 year old Samsung S8 and my New Pixel 3a (the most graphically intense ones i could find), that is same games, on both phones and ran them all.

ALL games run better and smoother on the Pixel 3a, except ofcourse for HEARTHSTONE which runs FAR worse. This should be concrete enough evidence that this is an issue within the game itself.

This also negates the comments on other forums from those saying ‘cheap phone blah blah’


I can definitely see that there is an issue after picking up this phone yesterday. Game is still playable, but definitely has frame drops. Using Mage hero power is a good test. This phone runs everything else I have used on it without issue, so it does seem like Blizzard needs to take a look. Maybe this processor is something they can tweak for.