How often do you abort games?


It seems games take longer and longer, how far in do you go before aborting?


Until death is enedable


I play control decks. I’ve set my game client to automatically abort the game after turn 49. anything before that is fine by me :smiley:


It tastes great up to a certain point, doesn’t it?


Made me giggle :rofl:

I hope my point came across :slight_smile:

Wont correct it because Fun


Only if I’m playing Murloc shaman, lol.


Almost always.
Seriously it’s so easy to win a game against me, it’s impossible to lose actually.


Being a murloc shaman is all fun and games till somebody gets to rank 10.


I only ever concede if something IRL comes up.

I’ve had plenty of games where things looked grim but a lucky topdeck or some other high roll turns the tables.

Not to mention I’ve won plenty of games from being dead on board with no answers but my opponent’s internet carks it and I get the win. Not the most glamorous victory, but wouldn’t be possible if I had conceded.

Plus sometimes your opponent is playing some bonkers combo deck that fills their board with a load of charge minions or something. You’d have to have a heart of stone to deny them the satisfaction of pushing all that to the face.