HS Battlegrounds - Annomalies - Please stop messing with the game!

I know you are trying to make it more exciting and claw back people from other Auto-battlers but the newest attempt - the Anomalies - is just a pain in the backside.

Throwing different scenarios at the players around from the original game is just annoying.
The game seems to be changing seasons/events every other week and is exhausting to a casual player, in that they do not wish to have to check media/streamers/websites about decks rather than enjoy the flow of the game.

I enjoyed Hearthstone before Season 5 (/Patch 27.2), but now Iā€™m gonna give HS it a miss till the development team figures out what they actually want to do with this game rather than keep throwing stuff at the wall and see what sticks.

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I guess everyone is different. I love anomalies in BG and hate quests in BG.
Maybe they are trying to cater to everyone.