I love azerite snake

it is the first positive thing blizzard did in a while regarding this game. feels good to rekk dumbass odyn warriors

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That card is completely broken… will be nerfed in a week or two…

You must have a problem if you think that the card is okay. Go back under your rock.

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He didn’t go back under his rock, just went to US forums to cry against the nerf non stop… I am just so happy… :roll_eyes:

u play fast and to kill warlock roun 4 or 5 then u cry now to nerf. u r Illogical and sane

They do not see the dirty players who care about winning playing in quick ways so that they die in the sixth round. Likewise, there is no planning or even thinking, they just play quickly if you do not have any card to clear the arena, or you will lose

this is ridiculous and so sad to nerf warlock and nerf ( the Azerite Snake) this is bad bad baddddddddddddd, if u see this all deck u will not to nerf warolck sees paladin play fast and we r die fast and druid and demon hunter and death knight growth health and some deck play plagues and we can"t to play cuz toxic 3 seasen u nerf warlock and all player play agro and kill us fast this is bad There is no justice. I hate your game and I am waiting for the new season and I pay to get excited and then I am surprised by an unjustified and illogical weakness.

When other use this card and copy it or return it to hand you know that game is over for you because he surely got cheap cards to counter any secrets too

And best way to fix this card is that damage goes to minion because now it is broken card and nothing can help you against this card

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It needs to be nerfed to the ground.

Sorry, but there’s no justification for having a card that can take 10 health off a player every time its played, which can be summoned multiple times thanks to other cards in a deck.

I have encountered Excavate Warlock only twice so far, and I’m playing regularly .

Sludge Warlock is good fun, though. My favorite of the recipe decks, along with Rogue’s Wishing Wells.

There is a viable Warlock build with Murlocs and curses. Look at the cards and create one.