If Toxifin is now Rank 6?

so Toxifin is now a rank 6 minnion , so only limited copies of him available then maybe someone can explain how 3 players managed to get 6 board poison ??? thats 18 toxifins , none had treasures that could give extra copies so ??? im lost

2 ways:

  1. when you sell a minion, you add it back to the pool.
  2. you put one to the left of a young murk-eye, gives initial poison + 1 every turn (2 per turn with Brann, 3 with golden Brann, 2 per turn with end of turn effects double quest).

It’s still unlikely for 3 players to get full poison but it’s not that crazy.

rank 6 minions once bought are gone they dont go back in and murk eye i get yes but only 1 player had him so again lost

They definitely are. I’ve seen way more than 6 Uther’ed minions in a game for example (another example of a tier 6 minion that gets used and chucked).

Genuinely interested into why you think they don’t?

all cards go back into the shared pool when sold OR a player die, and in addition, infinite copies of any card can be generated through some discoveries.(primalfin lookout in this case)

its in the ingame tooltip there are only 8 coppies of 6 cost minnions once there bought there gone for everyone

The ones in the tavern yes, but if player dies, their copies are returned to the pool. There are multiple ways to go around this limitation…


Game designer confirming they are added back in the pool as soon as they’re sold (some people thought they got added back in at the end of the round, you’re the only person I’ve seen that thinks they’re just gone).

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  • There are only seven copies of the Tier 6 minions. When bought, they are gone for everyone!

thats why i thought that