Imbalanced/Unbeatable Brawl Deck

“Choices, Choices + Swarm 67” Druid deck in Tavern Brawl is insanely broken and unbeatable by any other decks. Every other deck lose to this one. As a result everyone plays with this deck after encountering with it after the first or second game at most. Other decks have only several wins, this one has 120+ and counting.

TL;DR: The deck has a targetable hero power with 0 mana, 6 damage or 6 heal by choice every turn, starting from turn 1. Also the deck synergy is insane compared to other decks. Thus it makes this weeks Brawl a total joke.

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Im perplexed that someone care about balance in Brawl :smile::smile: but nice advice :ok_hand:

3 years later? we have a necromancer here?