Is it possible to purchase 2 Mega bundles on one account?

[First of all my apologies if this topic already exists but I wasn’t able to find it anywhere.]

So I’m seeing a deal online from someone who seems to be offering a code that contains the March of the Lich King Mega bundle. I’m tempted to buy it since it’s half of the original price, but I’ve already pre-purchased the bundle on my account so I’m not sure if this works.

Also I’m not to sure about this being a code. I thought that this was always directly assigned to an account when purchased. Is this a legit offer or not?

Thank you for your help.

It’s 1 per account, almost certainly just a scam in general and 100% against the ToS so steer well clear.

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First, why would you give money to blizzard, and second why would you want to pay them twice ? Something I am missing ? People actually enjoy this sh@t fest to give them money ?

Thanks. The person also had the normal bundle (also for half the price) which I decided to buy and it worked out fine. No scam luckily.

Do you also eat from under your nails ? Seems like it…People that pay anything to blizzard should seek mental help

This is by no means helpful or an answer to my question. I’m not “enjoying” spending money, but I do want to build a nice card collection and a bundle for only half the price is a great deal if you ask me. If you are being so salty and unhelpful you might as well just stop posting on a (Blizzard) Hearthstone forum and go some place elsewhere.


Some place else…not some place elsewhere, that’s redundant to say…

Or people enjoy the games and wish to spend money