I've said it once and I'll say it again

– Zephrys the Great, a card that gives you the perfect answer after being outplayed for most the game is by in large, complete bullcrap. Please never ever make another card like this again its so infuriating to be on the cusp of finishing an opponent you’ve been controlling the board against for them to play a card designed to give you a perfect answer to the current situation. Discover and such is completely fine as its pure rng but zephys is not. I excitedly await the day its removed from standard.

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Sure does feel like Zilliax.

I get not liking it, I’m still fine with it but that could easily be happy to see it go come April. The one thing I will say is, a big reason why your “outplaying” you opponent as you put it, is because they’ve had to make their deck much worse than yours in order to activate Zephry’s battlecry.

If Zephyrs is a big problem you should try and play around it. Not talking about tech cards that shuffle stuff in the deck, but even forcing the enemy to commit the Zephyrs while you don’t overcommit with the board. It’s a very common card, played a lot even in not Highlander Decks that draw a lot, you should expect it and try to wait for it, or play something that might push the enemy to think it’s time to ask Zephyrs help.
Personally i never had problems with the card, and it has been played a lot against me. I do feel the rage, even i shrug when i see it get played, knowing that my board or my last action will be negated, but then again i usually still have the resources to play and go forward in the match. Just like many cards we don’t like we’ll have to wait for the rotation xD
I don’t think they’ll print another card like him. It’s quite a unique effect, something they don’t want to copy so to speak. So there should be no more risk in the future as soon as he rotates out of Standard