Mercenary tasks bug?

Anyone else still running into tasks bug for visitors? I’ve seen posts over a year ago but assumed it was fixed with blizzard even addressing the fox but I seem to be having the issue over and over.

The visitors that require you to use a certain member in a ‘team’ (not even sure what this means tbh) and complete a normal or heroic bounty.

Im fairly new so sometimes the bounties are still tough for me more so when I have to use minions that are weak/unplayed when the task asks for it, but I’ve done maybe 3-5 tasks, rather attempted, where I use the mercenary asked by the task in both party/bench for the task and it doesn’t award the completion.

It is extremely frustrating when I push through 3-6 bosses of uncleared bounties to get to the bounty needed for the quest just to not be awarded completion after doing it multiple times. Im honestly at the point of just deleting all the tasks in hopes it gives me a mercenary I intend on immediately leveling/play with already so it would be something I intend to do anyways.

They’ve always worked when I’ve done them. I might be wrong but I think you also have to take the person issuing the quest as well. I’m at a point where I abandon all the ones that are for mercs I’ve maxed, so I always take them along anyway.

Don’t feel bad about abandoning them as they refresh daily so it’s no big lose.