Nerf automaton bot

Can we please nerf the robot there gets more op the more you summon of them i just used equelity on them and it diden’t work at all like they have no counter unless you’re a mage there can bann them just please nerf them or make them wild only.

Yes, they are a real pain for Paladin… the only way to stop them is Smoothering Starfish (mass silence) or full board clear… Equality + AOE won’t remove them because they are buffing eachother non stop… annoying thing I know… just another stupid mechanic which is making fair decks fail harder… and everyone is whining about aggro Paladin… See? THATS why we need to use it… because the game is full of unfair mechanics which are making it impossible to use anything else… :roll_eyes:

Not sure if it’s because i’m feeling restless or not but those there use those unfair robots and complain about Paladins needs to get a life or grow up But like why not add it so it still gives the bonus but equelity now works on them?

I mean the whole meta is complaing about aggro Paladin because it is one of strongest now. No, equality is not and won’t work until the mechanics of this bot are not changed… so forget it as a Paladin to remove those… or put Smoothering Starfish into your deck… Maybe the new Showdown card + Prismatic Beam can be useful to stop them in early state… or need to discover a board clear from another class… But Paladin has no tool against those basically… only aggro Paladin is strong and fast enough right now. You can buy some time by blocking their way by Taunt minions…

wana link me the best aggro build for standard?

Errm… there is no such thing like “best” I think… But there are several good aggro decks now. Check Hearthstone Top Decks website for example. I am not using meta decks much because I like to build my own decks and strategies.