New card idea: Corrupted Sir Finley

Many of the latest expansions have seen cards to improve your hero power. Some decks are built to synergize with your specific hero power.

Here’s an idea for a tech card you might want to include in a deck to mess up those plans.

Corrupted Sir Finley:
2 mana, 1/3
Battlecry: Discover a new basic Hero Power for your opponent

The stats vs mana cost are sufficiently underwhelming that it’s not going to be a standard card in every deck. But if the meta has lots of decks that improve a players Hero Power (Galakrond, Hero cards, etc), then running a copy of Corrupted Sir Finley would be a good way to counter those decks. It would become popular, until the Hero Power-improving decks become less popular again, at which point this card would also lose value again.


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I like it…but then again I’ve got a deck that runs the Grizzled Wizard > Dinomancy combo, so I’m the wrong person to judge :smile:

Ha! That’s a combo I had never seen or heard of before. Cool idea!

I like the idea. It’s disruptive, yet you don’t leave them technically empty handed, just with another hero power. I can see it be actually good against strong hero powers that get pressed every turn, from Hunter and Demon Hunter, to the Galakronds. Really nice idea!