New patch old bugs... iPad version is unplayable

Every patch you reintroduce the same bugs …
First few days, after each major update, the game is unplayable on iPad
Buy minion - freeze or disconnect followed by reconnect back to the game
Sell minion - freeze or disconnect followed by reconnect back to the game
Use hero power - freeze or disconnect followed by reconnect back to the game
Post fight - freeze or disconnect followed by reconnect back to the game
Mid rope - freeze or disconnect followed by reconnect back to the game
Up untill some disconnect turn into We were unable to reconnect you back to the game…

Fire your data managers and programers… they are inept to do their work propperly
Also fire your QA… aah, I’ve forgot, you don’t have any…

How about you give actual helpful information instead of offhanded comments:

What iPad model?
What iOS version?
WiFi or mobile data? Was there other network-related stuff happening at the same time like Youtube not working, or an ISP-wide issue?

iPad Pro 12" latest
iPad Mini latest
Latest ios version

But did you read my post? Or just commenting to make numbers? This is reccuring issue every major patch. Imagine the connection to the ios version or the model or my ISP suddenly having issues, first 3 days of every major patch, up until to the first hotfix that fixes the issue? I guess you have no knowledge of game dev and have no idea ho things are tested before release, but i am a game developement professional for almost 13 years already, with 12+ shipped AAA titles behind my back, and have good understanding of build deployment, version validation and packaging of shipping product.

Blizzard obviously do not test their builds, reintroduce bugs that were previously fixed, which leads me to think that they don’t monitor data/code versions between developers, and have people running old data/code when submitting their work. Ooor they don’t use testers at all and do not test their product and work… which is pitiful.

Then you should know that there are multiple versions of games for multiple platforms, and also that game versions that support more than one platform can still have issues on some but not all of those platforms, due to differences in the internal architecture.

Given your background, I am rather surprised you had to be asked to provide make and model of your device.

I religiously follow the Bug Report forum. And a few other forums where bugs are sometimes reported (such as here). And guess what? There are no hundreds of reports of Hearthstone not working on any device at all post patch. Because it does work on most devices. In fact, there are not even dozens of reports of HS not working on iPad Pro or iPad Mini, so I have to assume that it simply does work on most iPads. Including the ones that the testers used.

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No, but I work in customer support and know that I want the issue resolved as quickly as possible, so I ask you to stick to the facts that are requested. Whining about the game’s state doesn’t fix things.

You claim to be a dev, so you should realize shit like this happens all the goddamn time. Games are held together with duct tape, glue and regular offerings to Cthulhu most of the time. Especially in the AAA industry.
Sidenote: Are you allowed to disclose what games you worked on and what areas? I’m curious.

No, stuff like this do not happen offten. At least in my company if we reenable an issue people will get fired. We monitor data/code for everyone, and it is impossible to submit data/code if you don’t have the latest. Meaning if issue is fixed, it will be very hard to reopen it with your submit. It won’t be impossible, but it will be cought up by the QA/DEV team immediately, so it won’t go live with the patch.

And as I’ve already said, this is recurring issue for HS for every major patch. Meaning they have a lot of internal issues with data validation/dev testing. Or they have server issues, which they are unable to resolve propperly, meaning HS is not their priority an dcustomer satisafaction as well. Right?

@BigHugger You cannot be serious!?
Go now in the technical report forum and start counting, how many posts are since the last patch about mobile version for ios and android about freezes, hangs and random disconnects. I’ve counted easily 20.