New Player Experience

Not being funny, but it seems Hearthstone has alot of issues (as you can see from everyone complaining about something)

Now for mine!
Although I appreciate the free deck, 60+ packs as a free player. It doesn’t really matter though does it? We’re pulled to play only ONE way and that is against or being an aggro deck, it’s physically impossible (since I got from beginner ranks to gold with the free druid deck) to climb the ladder.

If you don’t kill by turn 6-7, you’re dead by 6-7… cards need to be nerfed, we don’t all need to have to play an aggro hunter or murlok shaman or imp lock… let us play something with bigger minions/cards… LET US GET PAST TURN 6 atleast!

Sorry to complain but if this is what the game offers, I’m going back to UNO. rofl

The meta typically shifts with every set that’s released, especially the one in April, when 3 sets rotate to wild. For instance after the release of Castle Nathria it was a slower meta because Sire Denathrius, a 10 mana card, was used as the finisher in A LOT of decks.

There are nerfs that are due soon, so hopefully that will slow the game down a bit for you.

That being said, you will typically naturally face more aggro decks, simply because they’re the more efficient way to climb the ranks i.e. you can play more games faster.

If you can stick it out until April, I’d recommend doing that and see what the games looking like after that set has been released. Typically that’s the best time to quit if your not enjoying the game.

I wanted to defend this game a little… but changed my mind… it is not worthy for it… always unbalanced… makes me really sad too often to enjoy it enough…

Well, I gave the game my best shot. Got to platinum 10… been playing since then (since I made this post) and it’s physically impossible to get any further without pouring money into packs. So, I’ll head back to a MMO, toxic community here along with unhelpful mechanics…


Nerfs are coming next week and if winning is all that matters, you’ll have enough dust to make the cheapest legend capable deck.

In fact you’ve done very well to reach Plat 10 with that Druid deck and I’d be surprised if following said nerfs you wont have a much easier time picking up wins, so maybe give it another go once they happen.

The game hasn’t ever been p2w, but has always been pay to have variety (whilst winning) as you can easily make the cheapest top deck every expansion/set of nerfs for free (if you’ve been doing your quests) but then acquiring extra dust beyond that takes A LOT of grinding or £££.

So if being stuck playing 1 deck per change or a big grind/£££ doesn’t sound appealing then it’s fair to give up.

Platinum 10 is a good place to be. Why do you need to get to Legend? Only the first time to Legend gives you something. And even then, it’s not all that is cracked up to be.
Just bragging rights.
It’s like people aiming to get to 8000 ranking in Battlegrounds, and then complaining about having reached opponents beyond their skill level. What for?
All this competitiveness is for naught.

Play for fun, not for rank.

Play Duels. It’s not ladder. You can play it without wasting Gold even.
Play Arena.
What do you expect to see in Ranked but the top of the crop decks?

Need to unnerf him and renethal

And when will the nerf arrive? I can’t reach D5 with Paladin because of that stupid idiot Astalor card! How is that possible they always can ruin the game for the Paladins mostly?! I am sick of this…

You get better rewards at the end of the month with diamond 5 being the best reward for the effort, getting to legend net you slightly more.

You get better rewards at the end of the month for hitting diamond. and even slightly better rewards for going all the way to legend. sorry if dis is a dupe, the forums are lagging/shadow blocking.

Yea, I understand. He’s a new player.I thought for a second the title said" returning player."

Beyond the first time it’s not necessary to get to Legend.The difference between Diamond ranks and Legend is negligible, considering how hard it can be to go the final stretch.

You reply to my post, but don’t read the first 5 words?

I read your post, but the nerf should be already here… for weeks now… developers have no idea how to balance this game anymore I think… created already too many idiot cards which are making chaos… I think it is unaccaptable to let these unbalanced mechanics working like this for weeks / months… They are waisting many ppl’s time… and Thats what I hate the most… when some one is waisting MY TIME. Makes me mad and sad at the same time…

It’s taken so long because they took Christmas off and then had the new BG season to launch. They’ve even apologised for this and are looking into changing their patch schedule so they’re isn’t such a big gap again.

Essentially you think it’s unacceptable that they didn’t work through the Christmas break.

Yes, and we can suck with their unbalanced game until that… Christmas is over for a month now you know… not good enough for an excuse… :slight_smile: The biggest problem with this game, is that… random is not random enough… it is controlled in min. 60% thats how They keep your win rate about 50%… the only problem is that, 50% is not enough for Legendary because you won’t get bonus win streak stars above D5… You can reach Legendary only by playing the most OP decks and that is really unfair… Proves again and again for me… When I have Battleground master in my hand, it is 90% it gets the 4/4 instead of anything else… just to make sure I wont get benefit from it… and that happens again and again, no matter how many minions do I have in hand… it gets the hero +4 in 90% when I need it the most… and that is not random… and not just one time… but many times in one row… that is controlled… When I have Jailer in my hand, no matter how many other minions do I have in hand… it is 80% it will be eaten by Mutanus (when the enemy use it) and makes me lose rightaway… disgusting… among a lot of things. The game is all a lie… nothing else, and nothing skill based when the MM wants you to lose, then you will… This is just pathetic… this game is controlled and force you to lose when ever it wants… just because you don’t have the proper win rate which is caused by a new brainless card which takes a lot of time to be able beaten… that is Hearthstone… thanks… I don’t even understand why do I still try to reach anything in this game. Building my deck for half of a month after every god damn patch to reach D5… I am just getting tired of this… I had enough. This not fun… this is suffering… and not even skill based… Waisting my whole month to get D5 because of the unbalance or the MM… Atleast the star bonus could last until D5 if I managed to reach that… but no… it lasts for only D10… Not giving a fair reward to be able reach the same rank a little bit easier if I already worked for it… no…