Problem regarding leavers


I been having this issue quite often. This problem occurs very often, and it is just such a wind in the sails windstopper.

When you play Battleground, and finally get the combo you been trying to assemble for super long. For example: 2 Risen Rider, Scrap Smiths, Corpse refiner, and other great synergy. You are super content. Then you notice that someone left early, and of course you fight him two times in a short amount of time. Losing all scaling, all tempo. I did quite good still. But I still lost point cause someone decided to leave early. It felt super bad…

I really don’t think this is ok. This should be fixed. A solution would be giving players the option to fight anyone else randomly instead. It happened again today, and it feels so very bad. Especially when you have avenge based hero powers.

Whether your gameplan is viable or not should not depend on someones decision to stay or not. Thank you for reading.

Thank you.

I just use it as a chance to gain value by levelling without taking damage.

I’m not sure if I’d prefer it if people face multiple people at the same time e.g. like Diablo, or not. Guess it would feel bad if I did enough to kill someone, but they didn’t die because the other opponent was the “real” one.

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Just a free win you may scale less but doubt it makes that much difference

Depending on hero and build, fighting a ghost or super weak player may slow you down significantly !

Let’s say you are playing Undead with Corpse refiner like in the OP’s post. Every time a minion is reborn your undeads get +1/+2 or +2/+4 or even more, PERMANENTLY… if your minions do not reborn, you do not scale…

You go ones agains leaver…, then you play against super weak player, then against another weak ghost, then against the 1st in the lobby who fought stronger oponents and scaled normaly. You have almost no chance of winning…

OP, welcome to how RNG works. and BG is purely luck and RNG

I understand you have to accept RNG when playing a game like battlegrounds. I do not get upset when I lose all my scaling cause my opponent is very weak, it’s just when I have no opponent. And it is a problem that could be solved. You could either as I previously said, add a button on their picture that makes you fight a copy of someones else board. Or to make it fair, stop all builds from scaling, not just builds reliant on avenge triggers. When I lose all my scaling, so should you.


That would usually be the solution, but I have been playing around with low levels using Aranna Starseekers ability to get a big tavern pool with a very small minion pool. Super fun, but I don’t want to be forced to level.

Edit: Literally happened 1 minute ago, again! Harvest Golem, 2 Icky Imps and 2 Corpse Refiner. Fought a leaver, nothing died. This is should not affect the viability of this many tactics.