Returning Player Gifts

Hello everyone,

As many of you are already aware, with the 24.6 update we launched a special test campaign to welcome players that are returning to Hearthstone, in the form of 20, 80, and 150 card pack bundles. It’s been great to see the excitement from players receiving those bundles, but we’ve also seen some common questions on the details.

Regarding eligibility, this campaign is limited to particular regions and types of players. For this iteration of returning player gifts, we’ve expanded the number of countries across Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Various additional factors went into determining gift tiers across player groups, such as when they were last active in Ranked, or the number of expansions they’ve engaged with. Those eligible received their gift on November 2, and have until December 31 to claim it.

As we continue making major updates to the game, our goal is to make it easier for players who may have missed out for a while to come back in, catch up to what’s new, and re-experience the fun of playing Hearthstone. We’ll continue monitoring data along with your feedback, and hope to make these more widely available in the future as we refine and welcome more players back to the Tavern.

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Hi, im a returning player and i didnt received any packs, there is anything i can do to receive some please? thanks

Hi friends, I didn’t receive any card packs only a loan deck, my last login to HS was 2 years ago, I submitted a ticket to the support 10 days ago but no answer, I need these packs because I missed alot of them, hope this message can reach the support and fix it, thanks :pray::+1:, I’m from middle - east btw.

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No packs here either… years since I played

So ALL of my friends received the 150 Packs gift but not me. I guess its pretty understandable that im not happy about that and thinking about erasing the game because of that.


It’s really hurting to see everybody in your group receiving 150 packs while you get the lowest quantity. Don’t get me wrong, also with 20 packs im grateful. But it kinda stings to know that i missed out big by being an active player. I spend a couple €100’s in Hearthstone while my friends are mostly F2P and they get reward with the full 150 packs.


My friend just opened his 80. When i found out this “gift” or should i say bribe is not for everyone it just thought there is no way this is fair. I still cant believe it i struggled to make even 1 deck with disenchanting my entire collection and now this happens. I honestly cant even play the game anymore the feeling of being discriminated for playing your game is just too much. unistalled, I am not looking back even if i get those packs in years to come i just dont feel like this company deserves any atention anymore.

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Hello, I did not recieve any packs…I have not played for 2 years, lots of my friends have recieved. What can I do?

hey i returned and didnt get any packs

I have 2 packs saying “available in April”. IT IS APRIL AND I CANT OPEN THEM.
Can you please make the packs available ? thank you

Those packs will be available to open once the new expansion launches in 4 or so days.