Secret Mage deck( Wild)


I hate to be that guy but people don’t give more attention to this kind of decks when there are better options in top tier 1 decks.

this list costs 7920 but can be reduced to 6320 by replacing Thalnos, which I actually recommend as aggro is very popular now from rank 10 to 1, the cards needed are of high usage so it’s likely that you don’t have to craft too many anyways, they also stay for other decks and the main engine seems to be something that will remain through time which is a plus. I played this to rank 4, then stopped playing almost at all, my winrate was amazing, took 2 days of casual grinding before this deck even appeared in the meta snapshots

I really feel like a dik btw, I do like these decks too, I actually played a version of this deck (it’s been in wild forever) but this one doesn’t seem to me to be very potent right now, not in this meta, gave it a heart on hearthpwn cause for some reason my upvote button won’t work and the team is been ignoring me about multiple malfunctions for 2 years now :confused:

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Im playing Secret/Tempo Mage since Kobolds expansion and it really is a cheap and efficient deck. Its burn capabilities are simply ridiculous and a really fun deck to play with. If you like fast paced decks (not agro, it shines around turns 8-9) you should give it a try. In my version of the deck i dont use Glyph, Luna and Apprentice, instead i use another copy of AI for consistent draw since the deck tends to run out of fuel pretty fast, Loatheb and Duplicate for more pressure/board control and 1 eater of secrets for mirror match-ups. Even though it is considered maybe a T3 deck, i simply destroyed everything in my path from rank 20 to rank 7 with it in last year (26 W - 2 L record). I still play it for time to time, still works between ranks 10-2.

I was playing the deck Sheercold mentioned between the 1st week of June and up until 3-4 days ago. The deck is called Cyclone Giants i think, not quest since quest tends to be the OTK deck with Khadgar. Again, if you like fun decks this one is also recommended. Dont expect to hit legend with it since it is really bad against Big Priest and any combination of “Big” type decks. However if you are tired of Even Shamans, Mech Hunters or Odd Paladins i strongly recommend it.

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