Standard is unplayable at this moment

So, my assumption is that since a few years your card design / mechanichs is done by AI, and the people working on HS are just tweakers, or maybe it’s half and half or some similar percentage but whoever is the producer, either doesnt play or doesnt care, since HS became a clown fiesta.
Here are a few pointers .
vs Hunter - games dont last beyond turn 6-7 in standard due to the 40+ dmg combos that come out way too early, and no class plays without small minions
vs Paladin - pretty much swarming beyond any control and pretty much overwhelms any class due to the sinergies that nobody else has
vs DemonHunter - if you go past turn 5 with 10-15 hp, consider yourself lucky, since 90% of the games end before that.Streamers are dying even on turn 3.

Not gonna list the rest, since 90% of standard are these 3 classes.All others pretty much dissapeared.
You nerfed the Azerite Snake due to its sustainability / inability to heal vs it … but you didnt adress the rest of the clown fiesta.To be honest, this goes against your policy to have players create multiple decks and have a healthy sale of packs.The meta has been polarized to 3-4 godly decks out of 3 classes, and the rest got swept under the rug.
Do you really need to make that quarterly bonus at the expense of the players ?
Fix this please.