Stream watching and getting a free pack every 3 hours? what a joke

I don’t really know how it works but it is so bugged it makes you furious. Last weekend i watched 2 days out of the 3 all this time i got 2 packs. really? two packs for over 20 hours of viewing?
can anyone clarify why is it like this? even today i started watching the stream 9 minutes after it started it is 8.5 hours since then and not a single pack was warded.
and guessing right you will not award packs retroactively, because i would have gotten a few packs since the start of twitch drops.
seems like you are just fishing for views.
“Promises made, should be kept” moreso if they are written down.
shame on you blizzard

You have to watch. You cant do anything when the stream is open. If you change the tab, or if your browser/tab was not active, your time doesn’t count.

As far as I recall (but I don’t have a link available), the current Twitch promotion is that they distribute an amount of packs randomly among viewers every hour, but nothing more. The “1 pack per so many hours” promo will return later (I think during the playoffs???)