[Suggestion] One-time Unlockable Hero Portrait (or Barkeeper)

Hello Blizzard and Community, I have a suggestion!
Here again in English because I was told that you are not reading the German forum!

Similar to normal Hearthstone ranked play mode, with X wins in ranked play!

Here’s my suggestion for Battlegrounds mode:

With X victories with hero Y in battlefield mode, unlock a hero portrait once!
For X total wins in Battlegrounds mode, once Barkeeper!

I would be happy if you would consider my/ your modified idea for the battlefield mode!

PS: Dear community, it would be nice if you took this post seriously and visited it often so that Blizzard would pay attention!
Please leave a serious improvement or your idea!

MfG Seriosus

Original post:

In theory I think it’s a great idea.

The issue is that they struggle enough to sell cosmetics without giving away free ones and potentially giving out 80+ free hero portraits doesn’t make sense financially takes off corporate shill hat