That's so lovely

I watch Tournament on Youtube every weekend. Not because I need packs - I preordered mega bundle and have a lot of gold. I just love to see it. But Blizzard annoyed me as mmm… you know, with that pop up windows about packs drop, so I linked my account and checked that Youtube shows everything correct. I saw a dozens messages on forum with question “where are my packs” and decided to do not write another one, just to give some time to tech stuff to resolve all those issues with packs. After the second week of watching and receiving nothing, I wrote a ticket. And I got hilarious answer.
"I can understand that you would like to get your packs for watching the tournament on Youtube. Please make sure that you have correctly linked your Account to your Youtube Account. Also make sure that you watch an eligible Youtube Channel. (
Unfortunately Blizzard Support is not able to assist with granting these Card Packs retroactivly.
Best Regards
Game Master Gzanttor
Customer Support
Blizzard Entertainment "

I feel like I got classically scammed. Even more - very likely that guy thinks I am an idiot who can’t even set up accounts properly. One of the biggest game company in the world kappa. Thank you, Blizzard, I am greatly “pleased” with your service.