The Hearthstone Class Master tournament test runs are now open!

Hello Hearthstone enthusiasts!

…I have created a tournament that will put players of the same class into the test! Who will be the best druid amongst druids for example? There is only one way to find out!” Dimitris Giordas

The Hearthstone Class Master tournament test runs are now open [until 2021-10-16T21:00:00Z] and you are all invited and most welcome to participate! Please feel free to join our first class showdown here: (

Class master is currently running its first round of tests and therefor everyone who participates will be awarded with a symbolic award in euros!

Class Master tournament rules

  • This is a one class only per tournament! Druid vs Druid, Shaman vs Shaman, Warrior vs Warrior and so on!
  • This is a wild decks showdown only
  • This is a best of 3 winning condition (player who wins 2 matches first qualifies)
  • This tournament is looking for the best player of each class in Europe
  • You can use up to 3 different decks
  • You can change decks as many times as you wish during or after every game

Please keep in mind that these tournament test runs are vital in order for us to assess player experience and levels of participation in order to bring to life our final product which is the “Hearthstone Class Master Championship” aka HCMC.

If you wish to know more about the creator please visit his FB page here and if you feel up to it follow the page and share some constructive criticism with us!

We will be more than happy to hear your thoughts and feedback! Hope you have a great time during your stay!

The Class Master tournament is going great! Have a look at our charming site

Class Master is a tournament of prestige! Hope you join and enjoy!

And a word to Blizzard! Have a look at my tournament, visit my site and contact me if you like what you see. I love what I do and am looking for ways to make it better and better! <3