Twitch drops for Masters Seoul was bugged

Me and a bunch of other people didn’t receive the guaranteed 2x SoU drops and the reason seems to be that if you were watching the stream right before it went “live” when it was running reruns you had to refresh the page in order to be eligable for the drops (based on a Reddit comment: If this is true it should have been stated beforehand because this has made people miss their guaranteed packs (based on various Reddit threads and Hearthpwn comments).

Here’s a few sources where people have said they’ve fullfilled all the requirements including the 6+ hours of watchtime without receiving any Uldum packs.

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Yes, I got none either, what a waste of time, could have farmed up enough gold for a few packs in the time I spent watching for free packs…

What guaranteed packs? As i remember they were giving 1500 packs randomly every cca. hour. So you were not lucky enough to get one.

You will get guaranteed pack every 3 hours of active watching for playoff that start from 11.10.2019.