Tyrande hero and card back!

I know I’m not the only one to ask this, but as someone who missed the event in 2016 to get Tyrande as an alternate hero and get card back, I’m eager to know if the opportunity to get her one way or another will be returning this year?

So frustrating to know I missed it! Would love to be able to play as her soon :crescent_moon::crescent_moon::crescent_moon:

NoSaltSam, I am totally with you all the way! Luna and Tyrande both for around 2016 and 2017. Those are the years that I took a break from Hearthstone do to Life problems. There should be yearly two week for those New Players and Old like you and me who missed events. I also hope a well known Troll will be available as an alternate Hero some day. Well I guess there is Madam Lazul but I am talking about Vol’jin or some other. Anyway, I am feeling exactly the same though.

hope they bring back this for free earning those old card backs and portraits to get it and make more avesome collection. As if new players come to game they cant get it and you cant turn time back so would appreciate that.

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Tomorrow is the big announcement on how to get Tyrande. It will be for free 100% :slight_smile: