Will paladin ever be nerf?

Aggro paladin got 70% wr in 52k games
Showdown paladin got 70% wr in 6.9k games

Every paladin deck have over 68% wr and they haven’t receive a single nerf, what are the developers waiting to actually nerf this class even the most dumb player can reach legend without even trying playing this class.

We need nerfs and we need it now, im sick and tired of playing against paladin 8 of every 10 games.

Do your job and nerf cards and I know the developers don’t know how to nerf so here are my suggestions:

Sanguine soldier - remove her battlecry and make it 3cost minion

Boogie down - increase cost to 4 or remove the finale

Crusader aura - increase cost to 5

The countess - make the minions from her invite cost half their cost, instead of 0

The garden’s grace - increase cost to 15

That way the deck won’t such a ridiculous curve and the ppl playing would need to use at least half of their braincells

Thank that to the mindless developers because they finally managed to kill every other decks by their wrong decisions… thats why most of Paladins switched to aggro… because that is the only play able deck for us now. Minion encounter spells, insane strong and fast aggro, unlimited control, OTK… THESE killed all of the other Paladin decks… so blame the developers for that, not the Paladins. They left us no other option… I hated aggro too… but ALL of them… I always played fair deck, self made and big Dancer Paladin before… but since they added Snake and TNT warrior with blowing up of 9 cards of the enemy slowed deck… I had enough too… I realized there is no other way to Legend for Paladin… just aggro… I was suffering on D1 for months now with my own deck and just couldn’t hit Legend because of this insane unbalance… I had enough… blame the developers because they ruined the game balance… not the Paladins…

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I heavily agree with you. Paladin is such a massive problem on the ladder. Every paladin I play against is literally a green = go player. They ignore everything you’re doing because of their divine shield and taunt minions, just slapping away at your face. Every game you want to win against them DEMANDS a high roll. It feels so awful to play against, and it is all I play against.

Half their one cost minions need to be two mana to just break synergy with Boogie Down and stop the rush down. Boogie Down curving into Crusader Aura is ridiculous as well, and Crusader Aura basically being the strongest board buff Hearthstone has ever seen for its cost in a deck that has incredibly sticky and easy to reload boards is the match in a powder keg. The insult added to injury is The Countess providing the opportunity for them to completely run away with a game they had no businesses winning if you SOMEHOW managed to out control their shenanigans.

To top all of this off, there are a TON of cool/fun decks that would probably be viable on ladder if it wasn’t for Paladin chewing through them.

Try playing Demon Hunter. This deck kills Paladins with ease. Others too.
The Gunslinger legendary is quite underrated. Very strong against decks with slim minions and cripples large ones as well.

Demon Hunter - No Dup

Class: Demon Hunter

Format: Standard

Year of the Wolf

1x (0) Dispose of Evidence

1x (1) Taste of Chaos

1x (2) Astalor Bloodsworn

1x (2) Celestial Projectionist

1x (2) Eye of Shadow

1x (2) Immolation Aura

1x (2) Pocket Sand

1x (2) Saloon Brewmaster

1x (2) Watcher of the Sun

1x (3) Eye Beam

1x (3) Flint Firearm

1x (3) Paparazzi

1x (4) E.T.C., Band Manager

1x (3) Tough Crowd

1x (5) Remixed Rhapsody

1x (6) Midnight Wolf

1x (4) Fan the Hammer

1x (4) Felerin, the Forgotten

1x (4) Ignis, the Eternal Flame

1x (4) Mechagnome Guide

1x (4) Prosecutor Mel’tranix

1x (4) Rhythmdancer Risa

1x (4) Sheriff Barrelbrim

1x (5) Going Down Swinging

1x (5) Gunslinger Kurtrus

1x (5) Topple the Idol

1x (6) Midnight Wolf

1x (7) Argus, the Emerald Star

1x (7) Mythical Terror

1x (7) Xhilag of the Abyss

1x (8) Reno, Lone Ranger

1x (9) Brutal Annihilan

1x (9) Yogg-Saron, Unleashed


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

Logged in for first time in years to just post and 100% agree with this. Paladin taking all fun out of playing currently. mindlessly spam minions and face and do a billion damage. Seriously blizz?

Unfortunately if Paladin gets nerfed, you’ll have all the children crying. They don’t play control or anything which requires you to think cause their brain is under developed, it does need nerfing, the 5+5 which is 0 cost is ridiculous and Crusader Aura, -but- we’re stuck with money sucking blizzard who don’t care and have never cared about their communities.

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getting fed up with paladin decks
devs need a gd hard look on themselves

Hopefully soon Paladin got several versions of the Showdown Pala with over 77% winrate, they sit with a bunch of small variations of Aggro Paladin with between 67-72% winrate. They have a very popular Earthern Paladin deck that sits at 72%. They have a couple of non specific more Midrange style of Paladin decks at 65% and a Highlander deck at 64%.

Main problem is even with several types of decks they have at least 15 or even 20+ cards in common mainly because the Paladin class atm is made up with a bunch of overtuned card that makes for an insanly robust foundation.

The Garden’s Grace should be the first card they consider doing something against.