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I think the following statement that pops up just before a game sometimes is incorrect: ‘You are being matched against a player of your skill.’

In reality, a player’s rank is a function not only of skill, but also how much one plays the game. If my opponent has 10 times more games played than me in the month, then I am not being matched against a player of my skill, but a player who may be as much as 10 times less skilful than me, if you believe skill is a factor at all that is. I actually believe everything is controlled by God, so He and/or the laws of the universe that He has put in place may have at least some influence on the outcome of games, not that He wants people to waste their time playing computer games, but I doubt He would make someone rank 1 legend after 1 game, so it does seem that number of games played is at least one of the factors determining one’s opponent, even if skill is also a factor and therefore this statement that pops up in incorrect. Admittedly the subject is trivial, but being a perfectionist, I’m a stickler for accuracy.

You’re matched against an opponent who has had an equal win streak to you.

I agree in the sense that they should disambiguate that.
But the inner workings of any system are never easily spelled out.

Everything is and should be kept basic and conveniently ambiguous on the user’s end.

I work for tech support of a website, that blocks users from continuously logging in. Now, when a user is blocked, the system doesn’t notify him that he has been blocked.

What kind of system would that be that floods users with sensitive info? It asks them to contact us to resolve the technical issue.

What technical issue? What did they do?
They didn’t do anything but attempt to log in too many times.
As a trade off, this kind of phrasing also keeps up the work flow at our tech support.

And those heavy users who have been made aware of this, they already know they’ve been blocked so they ask us to remove the blocking.
But the regular user can’t know this.

It’s done by mmr, not rank.

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Why not make it be like in Starcraft?

Starcraft also works the same way.

Oh yes I have heard about this. So is this based on win rate over all time then? Also is ranked mmr used in arena matching at all, or is there a separate arena mmr and if so, is this just calculated using data from the current run or also using data from past arenas?

your just lucky you don’t get matched against me i’d wreck you cuz…blud

Yes and no, I can’t remember the specifics but it’s not just done by rank like it was in the past, which did lead to the huge miss matches you described. As a newer player it was wise to take the fist week of every month off to let the veteran players climb out of your range. Now it’s more of a plateau.

Arena doesn’t use any mmr at all and is matched purely on record of the current run e.g. if you are at 7-2 it will search for another player at 7-2, if after X amount of time it can’t find someone at 7-2 it will widen the search to include 6-2 and 8-2, then widen again etc. typically it’s only at very high wins that it will need multiple widens as there’s obviously less players left by that point.

Yes, that’s why it’s even possible to be paired against the same opponent more than once.

I had this happen several times when playing both Duels and Arena at the highest win brackets.

In this instance it’s even advisable to wait a few minutes, if you’ve finished a particularly hard match in order to go up against someone else.

I laughed. Some extra chars to keep Blizzard happy.

People thinking HS is not rigged, should play more. I played 5 matches as druid , I got only paladins with ridiculous hands and I drew about nothing in 5 matches.

I switched to paladin , I get matched against only druids with ridiculous draws and they always have guff in starting hand.

Game is “fine” …exactly like Blizzards game developers…which by the way they suck balls.

There are some retards still lurking in this game that think HS is fun and fair though :slight_smile:

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Arena match making is based on current wins and maybe arena mmr

Ah ok thanks. Thanks all.

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