1 Step forward, 1-2 steps back. Life of bronze

I recently was in a game where enemy Garrosh was throwing his own teammates into our turrets and caused them to loose. Now his team has to suffer losing 200 ranked points because of this.

And I believe this is by design. A game you have failed at properly designing.

You win, you get 199 points, you lose, you lose 205 points, sometimes 200.
Designed to keep you at the same spot.

On my 2 accounts, one for NA and this for EU, I’ve never had a mute in my 15 years playing Blizzard games but because of HOTS, I did.

You’ve created a game that builds toxicity and anger, a game where it keeps you so close to ranking up, but you can’t.

A recipe for addiction.

You need to fix this broken ranked system, where people get stuck in bronze and can never get out of it, not from their lack of skills, but from the players you allow on this game.

You do not need to mimic League of legends, feel free to include a paid server just like on CS: GO. When people pay, even if a 1 time payment, you lose 99% of the trolls. I’d be happy to pay it just for the sake of losing with pride, knowing that all my team did their best.

You also need to allow us to surrender if you do not do something about this mess instead of keeping us stuck in a game with a troll. You leave us suffer, get angry, and for the careless sake of an online game, swear, and have the troll laugh and get his narcissistic reward from his behavior.

You need to create a fair system point, where if someone dies 20 times on a team, then someone has fed, and not all team needs to lose 200 points. Maybe we lose 50.

I don’t know what you have to do, but this game is a beautiful mess that you are not taking proper care of. I’m close to deleting it for the final time.

Do something about this mess.

EDIT: Fun to see the most viewed topic in looking for party titled “Lets get out of bronze together.” – again do something about this score system please.