2 days just to win 4 games!

This about deserter buff is so stoopid!

You must win 4 games just to queue normaly again!

And Blizzard gives me awful teammates while enemies have the best heroes(aram).

Blizzard fix your game so it will be fun again and do not punish people!

Why were you deserting games anyway?

I love people like you.
There is a number of reason why you leave a game.

  1. Disconnection/Lag etc… hots isnt considered optimal also.
  2. Something came up in the middle of the game (like the door rang, a fire etc…).
  3. Electircity went off
  4. Someone in his team was afk on purpose / was feeding on purpose etc… and it was just a waste of time to continue.
    But all you think of is automatically he left on purpose because he is toxic.

meybe its time to leave this path.etic game away?
Developers or they absolutely imb.ecils or blizard pay them to destroy this game… every change is worse and worse…
ranking system is no exist. minimum 3-4 times a day connection problerms (only game, browser working fine).
this game is dead… playing this sh.it is only a waste of time

Why being tortured because of people who feed,afl,dc and all other things for 20+ minutes?