2 EST players looking for night time play

Hello, whomever is reading this! I hope this year hasn’t been too taxing on you, >.< and you and yours have been safe and healthy!!

My husband and I are looking for a guild, community, or even a group of fun sarcastic mature ppl to play with - Either casual or ranked. We don’t talk politics or religion, just smartass sarcastic gaming comments :smiley:. Being only 2 of us, we haven’t bothered in ranked for a while but would like to.

So a little about ourselves:

My husband Verlin, (yes that’s his real name lol), and I have played HoTs since the day it came out – not EVERYDAY, but long enough, and haven’t missed a season. We came from over an 11 year “career” - literally - with WoW, (starting in 07’ with BC). Unfortunatly after our guild fell apart we quit because we couldn’t find another true “home”. We currently only play HoTs, but have kept to our pervious engrained WoW roles for the most part, lol .
Me a Healer/Ranged and my husband Tank/Melee Bruiser and back up Healer.

We live in the US on the East Coast - EST. We are available from 9pm-11pm Monday – Friday EST and weekends are usually free. We are in our early 30’s, and mature enough to not put our fists through the screen if we lose, lol. We both currently only play QM since it’s only the 2 of us, but wouldn’t mind trying to rank up again.

Verlin has made a Smirf account and is less than a 200 Player Level because his computer kept blowing up and kept crashing on him, which ultimately plummeted his Gold ranking to the lowest Bronze Rank. (His old account was just under 1,000). We have since fixed the problem, hence why his new accounts’ Player Lvl is so low. I still have my main account and it’s, OVER 9,000!!! Nah, but over 800 though! ^.^

As for Hero’s we’ve “mastered”: Verlin - Lili, Varian (ALL specs – Main hero), Artanis, Butcher, Malganis, ETC & Diablo. He has experience with: Ragnaros, Kharazim, Rehgar, Uther, Sonya, Valla, Johana, KT1, Deckard, Lucio, Stitches and Stukov.

I have less of a pool, but I play: Brightwing (Main), Li-Ming (Main), Anna, Morales, Murky, Jaina, Zagara. I have experience with Valla, Varian, Alex, Anduin, Auriel, Malfurion (before his rework Q.Q), and Whitemane.

Any questions, please give us a shout out!! ^.^

hi, i am currently silver and looking for people to play storm league. please let me know if you are interested bobular #1215

will add u ,