3 Games in a raw matching me with same Troll!?!


After many times this happend,badly ended up for me this time.
Instead after mine report for AFK and + teammates reports,same guy playin with me next game,what a happiness.

While I had 60 % winrate and after nicematchmaking with score 4w/20L I was ok with that,poorly 40 percent WR.Hardly backed on 50,5% mighty match come.

Master of the game told me we are here to have fun,guess what boi,I don`t having fun at all not even my teammates.

Do I deserve to watch 45 minutes of my precious day 3 games in a raw some mental disaesed person who clicking forward 45 minutes and going in towers suicidal kamikaze,normal person would stop after 1 minute.

Am suspended now on 15 days,they took me 600 ranked points + 600 MMR + I already lost 600 points with that braindamaged thing.

Yes I dropped some hard words on him,and should,I would love to find him.

After everything I`m only punished,while that braindead thing still playin and ruin game.

Should I thank you for this ?

ubiquitous Joe


Hello Mate. I know what you mean I’m tired as well all of that shi* my games look same 3 players just AFK - left game , or trolling, Blizzard do care about that system of mm and Hl suck and nothing change. Only what I saw in this game its receive ban for report another players you don’t do nothing wrong and u receive ban from blizzard.
No you shouldn’t thanks for that but you should uninstal that game like rest of product blizzard… that’s my opinion about that funny company. O/



Just played one game Unranked,this is riddicilus,player on enemy side walked in towers like 3 times suicidal and hiding in bushes and trees all game around our Boss on Cursed,am shocked now.

Just no words to explane this happines for that win,thank you thank you.

Mate I instant report anyone who dropp some bad words or already played with him few times and I know he is max toxic also those who drop bad words on other language,for me any Slavic language it`s not hard to understand couse all are similar.

Same in life,if someone is rude over limit,I hope we all understand jokes from bad meaning,and I dont want to hang with those kind of people,same in game,move from me bad energy. When am in good mood I bring that in team,tested few times and its so easy win.
When am not right or left,with no commication no pings,just nothing,play like some robot,for sure it`ss lose.

So think I was clear here and understandable for everyone how I want to game be like,guess not just me everyone.


Yeah…its so bad dude, i understand you…i either lose my patience vs such “dead brained things” or like they are “zombies”…
This happen ,because to test your patience or try to forgive to such young “peoples”.

If game was like.my version…:

Then you will NOT be with such players!!
And this not enough good report system.
Btw HoST devs…you can work in such program wich can detect or inspect chat logs(or communication between players),and if someone break roles…then be punished!!!

Both sides are guilty for that HoTS devs and half player base!!!

Btw try out best MMO RPG " RIFT"!!
I stoped play in 5 years ago time ,cause Diablo 3 or Blizzard games and cause of HoTS!


Fratello,only game I played before was PES and Winning Eleven,till last year when I saw friend playin HoTS.

Just for one year of playin am in same League like him,while he play 4 or more years.

I hope am not too old for this game,don`t even have 30,know very older players btw.

Really want to bring this game on high level and where belong like already said somewhere to someone but nvm.

All I want at this momment is to play this game without disturbing msgs for me or anyone in some normal circumstances with howmuch howmany normal players is currently there.


If I have someone like that in my game, I usually wait like 60 seconds before queueing again. This gives me time to go grab a snack or a glass or water etc and cool off from the frustration of the troll in my game. Most importantly, they usually queued up instantly so they’ll be far ahead of me in queue and we wont be in the same on next game =)


True,I know that or just can see on score where they are in game…
Just at that momment didn`t thinked on that.

One time I played at night,same story,guy full troll two games,I instant off.
Morning coffee,lets play one game,guess what…Same guy bro,same guy,I was cmon this can`t be real.

So never know